Mid & East Antrim Council

Carrickfergus, Interpretive Signage

Northern Ireland’s original capital has a rich vein of history that is the envy of many towns in Ireland. Circle were commissioned to research and create an historic timeline illustrating the town’s history in an outdoor interpretation installation stituated in the town centre at Market Place.  We commissioned a professional copywriter and liaised with local historians, archaeologists, councillors and community focus group to create informative and engaging content. We specified uniquely shaped, 10ft x 3ft panels as well as 4 x 3 ft panels and commissioned an illustrator to produce the character for our lifesize knight panel to welcome visitors to the timeline. In addition, we sourced zinc rubbing plaques for visitors to obtain unique Carrickfergus themed ‘rubbings’. This project was a great success and the interpretive installation is a beautiful addition to the town centre.



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