Whitehead Village Heritage/Walking Trail

Services provided in this contract included: trail research, copy research, wayfinding signs, interpretive signage consultation, manufacture, installation, creative design for signage, literature for walking trail and electronic version for web. Following extensive consultation with Carrickfergus Council Tourism & Economic Development departments as well as Parks Manager/Countryside Recreation Officer and Whitehead Regeneration Residents Committee, Circle created a heritage walking trail that included eleven interpretive panels positioned at the eleven chosen sites and themes on the trail. Circle specified all the signage materials and sought design approval with the council/community groups. In addition to this, we also provided seven heritage style fingerposts located throughout the village to aid visitor orientation. Carrickfergus Council was exceptionally happy with the professional service they received in the delivery of professionally researched copy and creative, original designs that complement the heritage and conservation area of Whitehead. We also received excellent feedback from the community groups and wider community who felt inclusivity in the project due to their involvement in the consultation process. All designs were proofed by the council and Whitehead Regeneration Committee and can now be seen on the interpretive panels and online leaflet which has been supplied to the council for upload to their website. We managed the various elements involved in the project which included liaising with the council, community groups, copywriter, Roads Service, signage company, printers and a local historian, ensuring a smooth and successful outcome to the project.

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