Empowering People, Empowering Change

The Context

Founded as a residential community for people in recovery, Cranstoun Charity has supported people to rebuild their lives, inspired transformation and empowered positive change for over 50 years. Whether someone is in need of problem-specific support and services, tools and education, an uplifting community of like-minded individuals or advice on how to better support a family member or friend, Cranstoun is ready to reach out a helping hand.

The Challenge

The challenge we faced was that the charity had used the same name for over fifty years and felt that due to the amount of sub-brands and service divisions below the overarching Cranstoun brand, there was inconsistency in creative style.


Our Approach

The ultimate success of a project such as this hinges on brand development. So, to this end, we undertook detailed research and stakeholder engagement in order to create a brand befitting the charity – its mission, vision and values. A key element in this process involved the creation of clear, concise and memorable strapline which would be used to support the brand and emphasise its values: ‘Empowering People, Empowering Change’

Our Outputs

Circle successfully fulfilled all the requirements of the brief and we provided the client with a full suite of all assets which included:

  • new brand development and supporting strapline
  • development of a full website including with SEO content, imagery and videos
  • provision of all brand assets and brand guidelines for the website
  • design, specification and sourcing of £40K+ marketing and promotional materials and
  • Planning and rollout of new brand and corporate strategy