Sea Emporium supplies the world’s finest super yachts with luxury goods, providing stunning aesthetics, yet not overlooking the importance of practicality. Whether outfitting a new build, changing linens on an existing yacht or simply looking to replace accessories, Sea Emporium provide a fully bespoke service, working closely with the client to make critical design decisions on luxury items, ranging from linen, tableware, leather accessories and toiletries.


Circle were commissioned by Luxury Super Yacht fit out company Sea Emporium to develop a new brand for their company. They had outgrown their existing brand and felt it was time to look at developing a strategy driven brand and visual identity.  We started out by running a brand workshop session to align the brand internally, develop their core brand goal, create a set of values that they can use as their brand compass and a vision and mission to drive purpose.


We framed our solution behind a single minded customer proposition – Luxurious Goods For Superyachts. The message is simple, clear and unwavering in its directness. Simplicity underwrote our approach to the visual identity.

We needed to design a mark that would underpin the fact that Sea Emporium, unlike many other companies, we are uniquely placed to understand how we can make the process easier for chief stewardess or yacht owner/management company due to our on-board experience. We created a simple device that would be visible across all sizes both on and off-screen. The inspiration for our brand mark stems from iconography that is relevant to our key target market. Namely Chief Stewardesses and other key decision makers. The double ‘E’ icons reference the epaulets on the shoulders of the crew uniforms. We also created an identity for their own brand linen ‘Stella’

Our inputs

Brand Culture alignment

Brand Strategy alignment

Key Messaging alignment

Tagline alignment

Visual Identity alignment

Own Brand Identity alignment